Ever Expanding Global Network

When you join Unlocator you join an ever-expanding network. Each of our servers allows us make sure that your IP stays out of reach from snooping eyes.

Works on All Devices

It’s Easy. Since there is no software to install Unlocator will work with just about any device you have. Simply change network settings on your device or router and you are good to go.

Extremely Fast - No Slow Downs

It’s Fast. Unlocator is transparent in every day use. None of your sensitive data is passing trough Unlocator. In other words Unlocator won’t slow down your connection. Your bandwidth remains completely untouched.

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Appear in multiple regions at the same time
Use unlimited amount of devices with your account
Advanced region changer for various services
Smart VPN Included to bypass DNS hijacking and enable DNS for mobile connections
99.9% Uptime
No logging
24/7 access to world class support
Access to the best paying affiliate program in the business
14-Day money back guarantee

What Our Users are Saying

Ellie @PointsOfEllie

Thanks for @Unlocator it’s ace and so easy to use :)

Hayley Murrell @HMMurrell

Seriously, @Unlocator has changed my life.

Jencarnageian @StewwJ

@Unlocator its so good! And doesnt mess up your other apps and internet

Mike @RealMikeSalerno

Dear @Unlocator, I love you.

Nicky Savage @nicky_savage87

@Unlocator goddammit you guys are good

Robert Heron @robertheron

Nothing but praise for @Unlocator – helps you use the services you pay for anywhere! https://unlocator.com/

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