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VPN and Smart DNS both offer their own benefits. VPN is great for privacy, security and unblocking content from the origin country of VPN server. Smart DNS on the other hand is made for streaming and allows you to unblock content from multiple countries at once. Unlocator Hybrid is the best of both worlds rolled into one. Unlocator Hybrid

Connect to VPN and get Access to Smart DNS

When you connect to a select server in the Unlocator network you get access to the Smart DNS service as well. This means that you can connect to a US VPN server but still unblock streaming services from the UK at the same time. So with Unlocator Hybrid you get the ease of use and privacy that comes with VPN and the global streaming you have come to enjoy from Unlocator Smart DNS.


There are a few limitations in place.

Also you will not be able to fine tune the region settings as you are used to from Smart DNS. We have made global settings that work for 99% of user straight out of the box.

You can force the functionality of the region settings by connecting to a specific country. For an instance you can connect to a US server, which will give you the same result as setting the Smart DNS region package to US. At the same time the rest of the global Smart DNS packages will work so you can still stream UK streaming services etc.

Unlocator Hybrid is included with the free trial and available for all VPN subscriptions.