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How often have you come across a streaming service that did not work because you were not located in a supported country? The ability to use streaming service across borders is still a challenge. However, with Unlocator Smart DNS that is no longer the case.

How Smart DNS Works

No Tech Skills Required

The explanation below has been created to satisfy the knowledge hungry user. Unlocator Smart DNS is easy to use and no tech skills are required to set up your device. Create an Unlocator account and follow the setup guides and you will be ready in minutes. The explainer is not required reading.

DNS stands for Domain Name Resolution and it’s basically a phone book for every website on the Internet. A webserver has what is known as an IP address, which is a long number in the format xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx used for identification. However, since it’s easier for humans to write google.com in a browser instead of a server IP address then DNS handles the translation from domain name to IP address.

Whenever you try to use a streaming service then your location is revealed to the streaming service via your IP address. However, when you use Unlocator Smart DNS on your device then we make sure that all requests that, using a normal DNS server, would reveal your location are rerouted to our infrastructure in order to mask your real location.

Unlocator Smart DNS does this real time and on a pr. site basis. This means that unlike Unlocator VPN you will not get a new IP address or location when using Unlocator Smart DNS. This means that with Unlocator Smart DNS you can appear to be located in multiple countries at the same time. This will allow you to access a streaming service on your Apple TV from the UK while also accessing a US streaming service on your laptop.

How to Get Started Using Unlocator Smart DNS

It’s really simple to get started. Just create an Unlocator Account and then go ahead and follow the setup guides. 3 things are required for using Unlocator Smart DNS:

  1. An Unlocator Account
  2. Your device needs to be configured to use our Smart DNS.
  3. Your IP needs to be added to your account. This happens automatically at signup.

All the Big Streaming Services are Supported

With Unlocator Smart DNS you can access all the big streaming services. You can see a full list on our channels page and on the same page you can filter the results to see what devices we support with each channel.

No More Blackouts

Another great feature is the ability to remove blackouts from sporting events. With Unlocator Smart DNS you can remove blackout restrictions from MLB, NFL, NHL and NBA. Enjoy your home team any time without those annoying blackouts.

Please keep in mind that Unlocator is a VPN/DNS service not intended not intended to be used as a means of copyright circumvention. Always read the terms of service of the website/service you are accessing.