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There are many reasons as to why you want an anonymous IP address. The most obvious one is to avoid tracking. By using Unlocator VPN your IP will remain anonymous when browsing the Internet.

Benefits of an Anonymous IP

Your every move online is being tracked in some shape or form. The main mechanism for this is your IP address. By using VPN you can not only change your IP from time to time but you can also change location. This allows you to create a scattered puzzle that will not only conceal your real location but also your Internet use.

Why do I Want to Remain Anonymous?

I have nothing to hide so we should I stay anonymous? You may think that you have nothing to hide but in fact all the small actions we perform online will create a thorough profile of us. Such a profile in the hands of commercial actors is not always in our best interest.

What if you were to get rejected by your insurance company because you searched for info about a knee injury years ago?

You are Paying More Than you Should!

Some websites might even show different prices depending on your location and profile. Travel websites are well known for this type of profiling. Once again you can get around this by hiding behind an anonymous IP.

So the use of an anonymous IP is not only for the paranoid type with a tin foil hat. There are many real world scenarios that should be taken seriously by anyone connected to the Internet.