Major League Baseball or MLB is one of the most popular sports in the US. Every year MLB fans look forward to season start, while at the same time dreading the blackout rules that is preventing streaming of both in-market and out-of-market games on Unlocator VPN and Smart DNS is the go to method for removing blackout restrictions for die hard MLB fans.

Lets walk you trough the few steps you need to take to start enjoying black out free MLB games.

How to Avoid MLB.TV Blackouts Using Unlocator Smart DNS

The first option is Unlocator Smart DNS. We start with this option because it works on all supported devices. As many of you are watching MLB on your Apple TV, Roku box, Smart TV or the likes this is the option preferred by many of our users.

  1. First you need to create a Unlocator subscription. Either by selecting the Smart DNS package or take the VPN + Smart DNS package. If you include VPN you get more options. The 30-day money-back guarantee covers both options. You can test it risk-free.
  2. Now, you need to configure your device to use our DNS (Domain name server). Fear not as it really is straight forward. We have guides for all devices right here. If you encounter any issues, just contact our support team.
  3. Go to the region settings in your Unlocator account home and ensure that the region saying ‘MLB, NHL, Disney+ & ESPN+’ is set to the UK. All these networks use the same streaming platform, which is why you need to set the MLB region to the UK to avoid getting caught up in US blackout rules.
Region settings for MLB

In order to avoid MLB blackouts you need to configure the region settings in Unlocator to the UK.

If you are using an Apple TV you also need to make sure to disable location data.

From now on, you can stream any game on your device without seeing any blackout messages like the one described below:

“We’re sorry. We have determined that you are located inside one of the applicable Club’s home television territories and are therefore blacked out of watching the game you selected. Live Audio of this game is available as part of your MLB.TV subscription.”

When you use Unlocator Smart DNS, blackout messages like these are a thing of the past. Sign up for Unlocator Smart DNS here.

How to Bypass MLB.TV Blackouts With Unlocator VPN

Unlocator VPN provides another way for you to avoid the blackout restrictions imposed on MLB.TV. You can use Unlocator VPN to access a different IP address than your own. In fact, when you use Unlocator VPN, we enable hybrid mode. Hybrid mode ensures that, regardless of the VPN server you connect to, we route all MLB traffic through the UK. This ensures that MLB blackout tests will never be triggered.

  1. First you need to create a Unlocator subscription. Select the package that includes VPN. The 30-day money-back guarantee covers the subscription so you can test it risk-free.
  2. Install our VPN app on your device and log in with the account credentials you choose when signing up.
  3. Connect to any VPN server and open and stream any game. You will get the best performance by selecting a VPN server closest to your location.

Please note that the MLB app for iOS and Android is not supported due to the use of location services, which can’t be bypassed. This includes Fire Stick/TV, Nexus Player, Kindle, and any other Android-based device.

Unlocator VPN removes VPN blackouts.

Unlocator VPN removes VPN blackouts.

You can use Unlocator VPN to not only bypass MLB blackouts but also bypass any geo restrictions on other streaming services.

Additionally Unlocator VPN enhances your device’s security when connected to the internet. We use the blazing fast Wireguard protocol that ensures the fastest speeds while also encrypting and securing your data connection. So apart from making sure you can bypass the MLB blackout our service is also a great companion if you care about protecting your privacy and data from prying eyes.