How to watch ARD outside Germany using Unlocator.

Content Verification Date: May 23, 2024

The Quick Guide to Unblock ARD

  1. Create an Unlocator account
  2. Configure your device to use Unlocator Smart DNS or VPN
  3. Go to the website of ARD or use their app if supported.
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Unblock ARD

ARD is a shared institution of Germany’s regional public-service broadcasters. It offers live and on-demand streaming to anyone residing within the German borders. Unfortunately, it’s not available elsewhere due to geo-restrictions. To bypass this issue, you can use either Unlocator VPN or Smart DNS.

Stream ARD Anywhere With Unlocator Smart DNS

If you seek to access ARD from outside Germany, you will get the following error:

“Dieses Video kann leider nicht abgespielt werden. Wichtig: Inhalte mit Geoblocking können nur von Deutschland aus abgerufen werden. Wir bitten um Ihr Verständnis.”

You can stream all the content that ARD offers by using our Smart DNS service! It operates by rerouting the parts in your traffic that are responsible for identifying your current location to Unlocator’s servers based on the channel you want to watch. For instance, if you are trying to watch ARD, which is only available for German residents, your traffic will be routed to Unlocator servers in Germany.

Using Unlocator DNS is straightforward. All you have to do is follow the setup guides based on the device you’re using, restart it, then start watching.

Also, keep in mind that Smart DNS does not alter your IP address. Thus, you’ll be able to navigate between both regional channels and restricted ones simultaneously.

Stream ARD Anywhere By Using Unlocator VPN

Unlocator VPN differs from Smart DNS in terms of functionality. Both services will enable you to view all the content that you seek. However, unlike Smart DNS, Unlocator VPN replaces your IP address to resemble the region where the server you connected to is based. With a valid IP, you can access any restricted content in the country, regardless of your physical location.

Unblocking channels abroad isn’t the only benefit you get from using Unlocator VPN. It also encrypts your data and cloaks your original IP. Hence, you don’t have to worry about hackers hijacking your connection. No one will be able to make use of your data, nor will they be able to pinpoint your location.

As mentioned, the process is very easy. First, sign up for Unlocator. Next, download and install the Unlocator VPN app on your device. You’ll find clients on AndroidiOSMac, or Windows. Finally, connect to a German server and start watching ARD anywhere.

The Following List of Devices Work With Unlocator Smart DNS and ARD

For a full list of compatibility between Unlocator Smart DNS, channels and devices please see our Channels & Devices Page