Stream Binge outside Australia using Unlocator VPN or Smart DNS.

Content Verification Date: April 8, 2024

The Quick Guide to Unblock Binge

  1. Create an Unlocator account
  2. Configure your device to use Unlocator Smart DNS or VPN
  3. Go to the website of Binge or use their app if supported.
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Unblock Binge

Binge is a streaming service available exclusively for Australian residents. The service offers an amazing category of movies and series such as The Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead, The Flight Attendant, Friends, Gogglebox Australia, Game of Thrones, and Gossip Girl revival. Unfortunately, Binge is geo-blocked outside Australia. Therefore, if you want to watch Binge from anywhere, you’ll need to utilize Unlocator VPN or Smart DNS.

Stream Binge Anywhere With Unlocator Smart DNS:

Binge can easily detect your location by examining your IP address. If you try to watch the channel outside Australia, it’ll only present this error message:

“Sorry, Binge is only available within Australia”

To avoid such limitations and stream all the restricted content effectively, you can use Unlocator Smart DNS. Essentially, Smart DNS reroutes the parts in your network traffic that are responsible for identifying your location to Unlocator’s servers depending on the channel you need to watch. For instance, when it comes to streaming Binge, all the location traffic will be routed to Unlocator’s Australian servers.

Setting up Unlocator DNS is easy. You should simply follow the respective setup guides for your device, restart it, and watch Binge anywhere around the world.

Likewise, remember that Smart DNS doesn’t adjust your IP address. Consequently, you’ll have the option to navigate between both territorial channels and restricted ones at the same time.

Stream Binge Anywhere By Using Unlocator VPN:

Unlocator VPN differs from Smart DNS in many ways. However, the two services will permit you to see all the content you’re looking for. Unlike Smart DNS, Unlocator VPN replaces your IP address with that of the district where the server you connected to is based. With a valid IP, you access any geo-restricted content in the country, regardless of where you physically reside.

For example, if you are located in the UK and want to watch Binge, you should use an Australian server. As a result, your IP address will be substituted with an Australian one, thus you can watch Binge with ease.

Unblocking channels abroad isn’t the only benefit you get from using Unlocator VPN.  It also encrypts your information and conceals your IP. Hence, you don’t need to stress over hackers collecting your information. Nobody will actually spy on your search history, nor will they be able to pinpoint your area.

As referenced, the process is very easy. First, sign up for an Unlocator account. Then, download the Unlocator VPN application on your Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows. Finally, connect to an Australian server and begin watching Binge wherever you are.

The Following List of Devices Work With Unlocator Smart DNS and Binge

For a full list of compatibility between Unlocator Smart DNS, channels and devices please see our Channels & Devices Page