How To Watch France Pluzz Outside France

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  • Yes, Unlocator does work with France Pluzz
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France TV Pluzz is a website which allows you to replay content from all the regular France TV stations. It’s a great site for anyone interested in French language content. However, like most other channels your wont be able to stream the content outside of France unless you use Unlocator.

How to Watch France TV Pluzz Outside France Using Unlocator Smart DNS

Like any other streaming service France Pluzz will determine your location via the IP address of your Internet connection. An IP address is a number that is given to you automatically by your Internet provider. The number is needed in order for your Internet connection to work at all. This number will reveal what Internet provider you are using and in turn France TV Pluzz will be able to determine your location via this number.

However, if you create an Unlocator account and follow the setup guides for your device, then you can mask your real location when using France Pluzz. Any user who is using Unlocator Smart DNS will appear to be located in France when loading France TV Pluzz – regardless of the users real location. Behind the scenes we reroute the check that France TV Pluzz performs via our French servers. As a result Franc TV Pluzz will see a French IP and think this is your actual location. As a result you can stream without any restrictions.

Basically Unlocator Smart DNS changes the location on a pr. website basis so all major streaming services work all over the world. Normal websites etc. continue to function as they normally would.

Use Unlocator VPN to Watch France TV Pluzz Outside France

Setting up Smart DNS is pretty easy but lets say that you prefer using an App instead. In that case, you can use Unlocator VPN instead. When connected to VPN then all your traffic will become encrypted and leave trough the VPN server of your choice. As a result all your traffic will appear to come from France. This will allow you to watch France TV Pluzz outside of France but also any other French website or service, which is blocked abroad.

Once you have created your account you can install the VPN app for Android, iOS, Mac or Windows. Alternatively you can manually setup VPN on your router. Once installed select a French server and press connect. That is all there is to it. Once you want to appear in your normal location again simple press the disconnect button and you are back to normal.

So both Smart DNS and VPN will allow you to unblock and watch France TV Pluzz outside of France. However, there are times where you definitely want to use VPN instead of Smart DNS. Lets say you are connected to public WiFi like you find at hotels, airports, cafes, restaurants, conferences, schools and the likes. In that case VPN is a must as it will automatically encrypt your data connection. This prevents other users on the network from harvesting your private data. This is actually a very common occurrence on these types of public networks.

In this case VPN is the tool to use. Both Smart DNS and VPN are include a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can give both a try.

The Following List of Devices Work With Unlocator Smart DNS and France Pluzz

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