How to to Watch Katsomo Outside Finland

Content Verification Date: May 27, 2024

The Quick Guide to Unblock MTV Katsomo

  1. Create an Unlocator account
  2. Configure your device to use Unlocator Smart DNS or VPN
  3. Go to the website of MTV Katsomo or use their app if supported.
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Unblock MTV Katsomo

Katsomo or MTV Katsomo is a Finish channel with shows like Fort Boyard, Love Island, RuPaul´s Drag Race, CSI and much more. Access to Katsomo is restricted to Finish viewers only. To access Katsomo outside of Finland you need to use either Unlocator Smart DNS or VPN.

Watch Katsomo Outside Finland Using Unlocator Smart DNS

So the first option you have to unblock Katsomo abroad is using Unlocator Smart DNS. Start by subscribing to Unlocator and then follow the setup guides for your device. Once you have done so you will be able stream Katsomo regardless of your actual location.

What happens is that behind the scenes our system will make sure that every time Katsomo tries to determine your location via your IP address then we serve a Finish IP instead. This will trick Katsomo into thinking you are actually located in Finland.

As the name implies our DNS is smart. It will make sure that all the major streaming services will see you located in the country needed to stream the service. This means that you can appear in multiple locations at once when using our Smart DNS. Normal websites are unaffected and so is your Internet speed.

Watch Katsomo Outside Finland Using Unlocator VPN

So the other option we have for you is our VPN. It works a bit different than Smart DNS as our VPN will encrypt all your traffic and send it via the server you choose within the app. In the case of Katsomo you would select a Finish server and press connect. From that moment you can watch Katsomo and any other Finish website or service which is restricted outside Finland. If you need to unblock a website from another country you simply choose the new country within the app.

Using VPN to unblock channels is only one use case for VPN. An even more relevant use case is security. As mentioned your Internet connection becomes encrypted when you connect to VPN. As a result your data can’t get intercepted or blocked. This is particular important if you connect to WiFi at locations like hotels, airports, cafes, restaurants, conferences, schools and the likes. The reason is that user connected to these types of networks will often become victim to data harvesting by suspicious individuals that flok to such networks. Using VPN on public networks is a must if you care one bit about your personal data.

So you can use both Smart DNS and VPN to unblock Katsomo outside Finland. However, in some cases it’s best to use VPN. You might prefer one over the other or use both. It’s up to you. Happy viewing.

The Following List of Devices Work With Unlocator Smart DNS and MTV Katsomo

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