Unblock Sportschau outside Germany using Unlocator.

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  • Yes, Unlocator does unblock Sportschau
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Sportschau is a German sports channel that allows German residents to access the streams of all sports events live. If you reside in Germany, you can watch the likes of Bundesliga, Champions League, DFB Cup, Winter Sports, and so many more. However, like any regional channel, Sportschau is only available for viewers who live inside Germany. To bypass regional restrictions and access the streaming service abroad, you’ll need to use Unlocator VPN or Smart DNS.

How to Watch Sportschau Outside Germany Using Unlocator Smart DNS

Trying to watch live streams on Sportschau will get you nothing but a geo-error message. The error states that this content is not available in your region. In order to watch the top sports in Germany and the world on Sportschau, you must make use of Unlocator Smart DNS.

Unlocator Smart DNS helps you change your current whereabouts and appear to be accessing Sportschau’s website straight from Germany. This is done by rechanneling part of your internet traffic that’s responsible for showcasing your current location. Once you do that, the channel will think that you’re within its area of coverage. As a result, you have full access to its streaming material regardless of where you might be.

Unlocator does the unblocking process without changing your IP address. This is pretty important if you like to keep your local channels functioning while streaming channels from abroad. You can use your home country’s services as well as geo-restricted ones simultaneously.

On the other hand, Smart DNS is a service that exists strictly for bypassing geo-restrictions. That means that no traffic encryption takes place when you’re configuring your devices. Therefore, you’ll be streaming Sportschau at full speed without any drop in your connection.

All you have to do is sign up for a free Unlocator trial and follow the setup guides according to the device you’re operating. Eventually, you’ll be able to watch Sportschau in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and elsewhere outside Germany with easy.

Unblock Sportschau Abroad With Unlocator VPN

A VPN is a security tool that is used to protect your device against any online threat that may target you. Unlocator VPN works with high-level encryptions to secure your internet browsing to the max. Not only that, but it also hides your IP address so you could surf the web without being monitored by your ISP or government. It’s the ultimate solution when you live in highly censored countries.

Moreover, Unlocator VPN can spoof your location and virtually point you in a country of your choosing. In Sportschau’s case, you have to be in Germany. Just connect to a German server – you can find one in Unlocator’s long list of VPN servers. This will earn you a German IP address instead of your now-hidden one. As a result, when you approach Sportschau again, you’ll find that the geo-block has been lifted. You can now stream all major sports events wherever you’re located.

To access Sportschau abroad, you have to create a free Unlocator account. After that, install the application on Android, iOS, Mac or Windows, connect to a German server, and stream Sportschau despite living outside Germany.

The Following List of Devices Work With Unlocator Smart DNS and Sportschau

For a full list of compatibility between Unlocator Smart DNS, channels and devices please see our Channels & Devices Page

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