How to Watch TOU.TV Outside Canada

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  • Yes, Unlocator does work with TOU.TV
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TOU.TV is a Canadian station featuring lots of French language content – all available for online streaming. In 2018 news broke that Bell Media, the National Film Board of Canada, TV5 Québec Canada, and V Media Group in order to compete with Netflix. So fair to say that more great French-language content is coming to TOU.TV

TOU.TV is only available to Canadians, but Unlocator removes the geographical block and makes the content available to viewers around the world.

Using Unlocator Smart DNS to Unblock TOU.TV

TOU.TV uses the same method to locate you as any other website and that is via your IP address. The IP address is a dead give away of your location as you inherit this number from your Internet provider. When you try to stream from TOU.TV they will examine this number to find your real location.

By subscribing to Unlocator, you can get around this issue. This is because that by using our DNS we will make sure that the data traffic used to determine your location on TOU.TV is routed trough our Canadian servers. This will make you appear to be located in Canada when loading TOU.TV. All other traffic remains untouched.

Once you have created your account, simply follow the setup guides for your device and you are good to go.

Access TOU.TV Outside Canada via Unlocator VPN

Another method popular with our users is our VPN app for Android, iOS, Mac or Windows. By installing the app and connecting to a Canadian VPN server you will be able to bypass any restrictions by a Canadian website or streaming service.

Once you are connected to VPN then your data traffic becomes encrypted and your real IP is hidden. Not only does this help you stream TOU.TV from any country but it will also protect your privacy by securing your data from criminals.

This is especially true if you often connect to public WiFi. In such a case you need to use VPN to ensure that your traffic is not intercepted. This often happens at networks in hotels, airports, cafes, restaurants, malls and sporting arenas. Basically, if you connect to any network that you don’t control yourself then you need to use VPN. Thankfully it’s a one-click ordeal when using Unlocator VPN.

The Following List of Devices Work With Unlocator Smart DNS and TOU.TV

For a full list of compatibility between Unlocator Smart DNS, channels and devices please see our Channels & Devices Page