How to Watch TV Player From Anywhere in the World

Steps to Unblock TV Player:
  1. Create a free Unlocator trial
  2. Configure your device to use Unlocator
  3. From then on go to the website of TV Player or use their app if supported. Please see supported devices between TV Player and Unlocator at the bottom of this page.
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TV Player

TVPlayer is a free online service that allows you to watch live Channels like BBC, itv,  Channel 4, Channel 5, Al Jazeera, Euronews, France24, and Dave online. In all, TVPlayer supports over 55 channels. TVPlayer is geoblocked outside UK. You cannot watch any of the channel it includes overseas in US, Canada, Australia, New Zeland, or Ireland. With Unlocator you can watch all the content from from anywhere in the world. No longer are you required to be located in the UK. Simply create a free Unlocator account and change the DNS on your Amazon Fire TV, OS X, Ubuntu, Vista, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP.

How To Unblock TVPlayer Outside UK Using Unlocator

In order to avoid getting this annoying message “Sorry! You must be located in the United Kingdom to watch tv on TVPlayer.” whenever you try to play a video on TVPlayer, you must hide your online location. To do that, create a free Unlocator account. Afterwards, setup Unlocator DNS on your streaming device. This process is done by changing your current primary and secondary DNS with Unlocator DNS. That is all you need to do to unblock and watch TVPlayer outside UK. You do not need to download or install any additional software to get Unlocator working.

You can find step-by-step setup guides and videos for supported devices below. For further assistance and instructions, please contact the Unlocator support team at [email protected].

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Compatibility Between Unlocator and TV Player

Device Setup Guide Supported
Amazon Fire TV Setup Amazon Fire TV
OS X Setup OS X
Ubuntu Setup Ubuntu
Vista Setup Vista
Windows 10 Setup Windows 10
Windows 7 Setup Windows 7
Windows 8 Setup Windows 8
Windows XP Setup Windows XP
For a full list of compatibility between Unlocator, channels and devices please see our Channels & Devices Page