Phillips and Unlocator

Phillips makes a wide variety of devices – one of which is their smart TV range. Like all other Smart TVs on the market, the Phillips Smart TV can stream content from online providers like Netflix. If you live in a region where Netflix is not available you will need to change the region on the TV to a location where Netflix is already available. That way you will get access to the actual app. From then on you need to setup your TV to use Unlocator DNS to do the unblocking when using the app.

Compatibility Between Unlocator and Phillips

Channels Supported
Argentinian Region
Australian Region
Austrian Region
BBC iPlayer
BBC Sport
Belgian Region
Brazilian Region
Canadian Region
Colombian Region
Danish Region
Dutch Region
Finish Region
French Region
German Region
Indian Region
Irish Region
Italian Region
Japanese Region
Luxembourg Region
Mexican Region
New Zealand Region
Norwegian Region
Portuguese Region
Saudi Arabian Region
South African Region
South Korean Region
Spanish Region
Swedish Region
Swiss Region
UK Region
US Region
For a full list of compatibility between Unlocator, channels and devices please see our Channels & Devices Page

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