RTVE are one of the largest and most popular television channels in Spain. Being a national broadcaster, they give you access to channels like Clan TVE, LA 1, WTA Tour, Teledeporte, LA 2, 24H as well as the Champions League. It therefore makes sense that a Spanish expat would wish to keep up with their favorite shows even while abroad. Since RTVE is geo blocked outside Spain you need to use either Unlocator Smart DNS or VPN to gain access. We will run you trough the two options to get you started.

Unblock RTVE Using Unlocator Smart DNS

Smart DNS is one of the most popular methods to unblock RTVE. The reason being that it’s simple to set up and you get great streaming performance. When using our Smart DNS we will make sure that RTVE will always see you located in Spain regardless of where in the world you are located. We do this by redirection the small data requests coming from RTVE via our Spanish servers. As a result RTVE will think this is where you are located as well.

To get started all you need to do is create an Unlocator account and then head on over to the setup guides and find the device you want to use. You can see a list of devices supported by our Smart DNS when watching RTVE here. The great thing about using Smart DNS to unblock RTVE is that it will not only unblock RTVE but any of the large streaming services. Since we do it on a pr. site basis you can appear to be located in multiple locations as well. So you can watch RTVE and BBC iPlayer from the UK at the same time.

Unblock RTVE With VPN

Another great option is using our VPN service to unblock RTVE from outside Spain. After signing up, install or dedicated apps on Android, iOS, Mac or Windows. When installed you log in to the app with our account credentials and select a Spanish server. Click connect and you will now appear to be located in Spain. From then on you can watch RTVE from anywhere in the world and in fact you can watch any geo blocked Spanish service as all your traffic is encrypted and routed through our Spanish server. So this is will work with not just RTVE. If you need to unblock services from another country then you simply select a new country in the app and connect. It’s that easy.

On top of the ease of use you also get enhanced security and privacy by using VPN. This is because your real IP address is hidden and your data traffic is hidden. This means that you become anonymous when surfing the web.

The added security is particular important if you are traveling and connect to WiFi at your hotel. The reason is that public WiFi networks like the ones you find at hotels, airports, cafes, restaurants, conferences, schools and the likes are often frequented by individuals trying to harvest private data from connected devices. So if you value your privacy then VPN is a must when outside of your own home network.