Much (formerly MuchMusic) is a Canadian channel with a focus on music, pop and youth culture. Hit shows include Degrassi, My Date With, Punk’d, Scare Tactics and much more. Much is normally only available in Canada, but with Unlocator you get access to the channel from anywhere in the world.

If you try to stream Much from outside Canada you will get one of these dreadful “content is not available in your region” messages. So in order to avoid that, simply create an Unlocator account followed by a quick setup of your device using our setup guides. Once you have done so (and restarted your device) then you will be able to use Much from any country in the world.

Using VPN to Unblock Much

Another, and equally great, approach to unblock Much is using VPN. When connected to a VPN then all your traffic will become encrypted and leave trough the VPN server of your choice. If the VPN server you select is located in Canada then you will appear to be located there as well.

Simply install one of our apps for Android, iOS, Mac or Windows and connect to a Canadian server. In a couple of seconds you will appear to be located in Canada and you can now stream Much regardless of where you are located.

So why would I use VPN over Smart DNS? Well it all depends on the use case. Lets say you are connected to a public WiFi network at a cafe, school, airport or hotel. Then it’s a good idea to use VPN as it will encrypt your data connection. Using public WiFi without VPN is always a bad idea. Furthermore Smart DNS might not always work on public WiFi due to how these types of network are set up.

However, if you simply plan to unblock Much from your home network then Smart DNS might be just the right choice.