Let’s say you’re on your way to your favorite country during your yearly vacation. While at the airport, you connect to their wifi. All of a sudden, you start receiving billing statements for products you haven’t purchased. Cybersecurity alert: you’ve been compromised and hacked on the spot. Although the internet might be beneficial, don’t think for a second that it’s safe. Hackers and cyber-criminals are watching your every move waiting for the right moment to harvest your data. However, with the right guidance and caution, you can enjoy your highly needed vacation without having to look over your shoulders all the time.

How to Avoid Being Hacked During Your Vacation – Top Solutions

Remember when site-seeing was the main focus while traveling? That’s not the case anymore with technology’s advancement. Whenever you go online, you are subjecting yourself to several types of cyber threats. From social engineering, phishing emails, to the most horrific kind, identity theft, your personal data can be used in many ways including criminal acts. These are the methods you need to follow to avoid hackers on your holiday.

Protect Yourself With Unlocator VPN

The first thing you do is connect to the public WiFi hotspot when you arrive at the airport or hotel room. People might have unfinished businesses back home, or just need to stay in touch with the outside world for different reasons. However, when you do that, you jeopardize your online security and privacy. You never know who’s lurking around trying to steal your sensitive data. Yet, if you use Unlocator VPN, that won’t be an issue anymore. Providing high-level encryptions and ciphers, your internet traffic and online browsing activities are completely safe. You can simply connect to one of Unlocator’s servers and obtain a new IP address while cloaking yours. This will help you surf the web anonymously with no prying eye watching your every move. All you have to do is get Unlocator and follow the steps below:

  1. Sign up with Unlocator.
  2. Download and install Unlocator’s application on your Android, iOS, Mac or Windows.
  3. Sign in with your Unlocator account and connect to any server available (the closer, the better for speed).
  4. Finally, surf the web, download anything, shop online, and send emails without worrying about online threats anymore.

Avoid Using Public Wifi Networks

Public Wifi connections are basically an open invitation for any hacker to get a hold on your information. If you’re at a coffee shop or even at your hotel, your emails, passwords, and your credit card number are certainly at the risk of being stolen. Any amateur hacker can peak on your browsing activities with

Avoid hotel WiFi

Never use hotel WiFi without VPN

random software downloaded from a search engine. So, if you’re stuck with work abroad, forced to make financial transactions, or even need to browse for any reason, it’s better to postpone this till you get to your safe home network. Nevertheless, if it’s that crucial, you can always use Unlocator’s VPN so you can guard your data whenever you’re online.

Stay Away from Public Computers

While overseas, you might be aware of the threats that might hit your device when browsing. This leads you to use public network stores thinking that it’s safer. Well, it’s not. Public computers are also a risk you shouldn’t take when traveling. Any computer might be infected with a virus, malware, or any malicious software that can collect your personal data without you even knowing. Hackers can get creative with their methods, so all you have to do is pay close attention to what info you’re providing when using a random computer. Go have fun, play online games, or don’t go, to begin with. Just leave your sensitive material to be used back home on your secured network.

Install Antivirus Software

This is a perfect way to secure your device from getting infected by viruses and malware. You just have to pick a very good antivirus program and keep it updated. The software will take care of most viruses and malware that would otherwise be able to infect your device without you even noticing. Moreover, keeping your firewall up is also a very good solution for safety. Never install an application that asks you to deactivate your firewall. Your personal data and billing info can both be compromised.

Stay Alert – Avoid Phishing Emails

The last top solution is avoiding phishing emails. This scam comes in the form of a link inserted in an email that looks as if it is from your bank, office, or university. It can be an act of a hacker asking you to refill your information so that your bank can recover your profile for instance. Clicking on that link sent to you will give them complete access to all your data. So, if anything like that happens to you, take the long road and open your bank’s official website. That way you can make sure that the whole process is legit. Finally, take caution, stay safe, and enjoy your vacation.