How to Find Cheap Airline Tickets

25 Apr 2019 | Blog \ Travel

The next time you are in the market for an airline ticket you are at risk of getting ripped off – unless you use a VPN. Research has shown that there is a lot of money to save by using a VPN  to change your location. So if you are in the market for a cheap airline ticket then read on.

How to get the Cheapest Plane Ticket

Ticket vendors and online portals will change pricing based on your location amongst other factors. This can be due to higher local demand or consumer buying power in a certain country. We have done some testing to illustrate the big difference in pricing.

In the examples below we have searched for a trip from Chicago O’Hare International airport to Istanbul. The original pricing shows a roundtrip for $4898.71. However, if we use Unlocator VPN to change location to Greece then we get a price for the same flight at €2079,77, which translates to $2356.88. So by changing to the greek server you can save an incredible $2541.83!


Without VPN air travel is more expensive

The ticket’s price in the US without using a VPN


Huge savings on air travel when using VPN

This is the change in value when we connected to a Greek server

Tricks for Getting the Cheapest Airline Ticket

In order to make sure you find the cheapest price you need to do the following:

  1. Clear your cache and cookies in your browser. That way you can start your research with a fresh start.
  2. Use Unlocator to change your location. Make sure you have Unlocator VPN app installed on your device and ready to go.
  3. Make sure your browser is in incognito or private window mode.  This way your browser will not store cookies or cache during your research.
  4. Make sure you use the local version of the portal you are booking from. If the booking platform you are using has localised versions then make sure you use the location matching the country you are currently connected to in the Unlocator VPN app.
  5. Start the experiment. You are now ready to start experimenting and trying different countries to shop around.

It’s also worth noting that midweek flights like Tuesday or Wednesday will get you the cheapest prices. If possible book 6 weeks in advance as well.

To get starte you can create a free Unlocator trial where you get access to our VPN network. We have apps for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows so you can get started right away and find that cheap airline ticket for the next trip.

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