Most of the people around the world make use of a VPN to guard their online safety and security while they’re browsing the web. However, depending on a VPN service alone might come at risk in some cases. You may not know this yet, but a VPN connection can suddenly drop out without you even noticing. This is a major issue if you live in a country with high internet surveillance and censorship. So, a Kill Switch is the best solution for such an issue.

What is VPN Kill Switch?

If a VPN connection takes a sudden drop, it’ll instantly expose your IP address and internet traffic to your ISP or potential cybercriminals. That’s why Unlocator offers an advanced VPN feature known as a Kill Switch. Whenever a VPN connection fails, Unlocator’s Kill Switch will initiate. It will block your devices, apps, and websites from establishing an Internet connection that passes outside the VPN’s protected tunnel. However, all goes back online when the VPN connection is restored.

How Does It Work?

Unlocator VPN’s Kill Switch constantly monitors your VPN connection. In case a VPN connection failure occurs, the kill switch will prevent applications from using your unsafe internet until the VPN establishes the connection again. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to benefit from Unlocator’s VPN Kill Switch. You can enable and disable the VPN Kill Switch feature from within the Unlocator app.

Why is a VPN Kill Switch Needed?

When a VPN connection fails, your whole internet browsing activity will be susceptible to prying eyes. This issue mainly concerns bloggers, political analysts, and even journalists. People who might work in these domains often use a VPN for complete anonymity. However, if a VPN connection fails, they might expose their identity to their Internet service provider and the government respectively. Several countries have very strict laws when it comes to internet censorship, which may lead internet users to fall into various difficult situations. When using the Unlocator Kill Switch, all your browsing activities and anonymous web surfing will not be compromised in case your connection to the VPN server is abruptly lost.

How to Enable Your VPN’s Kill Switch

Turning on the VPN’s Kill Switch is a very easy process. Simply, just follow the steps below:

  1. Sign up with Unlocator.
  2. Install Unlocator’s application on a compatible device such as Android, iOS, Mac or Windows.
  3. Sign in with your Unlocator account.
  4. Click on the settings icon on the top-right corner.
  5. Enable the Kill Switch Feature.
  6. Double check if the Kill Switch is activated.
  7. Finally, you’re safe if your connection takes a sudden drop.