How to Watch Fubo TV Outside the US

Steps to Unblock Fubo TV:
  1. Create a free Unlocator trial
  2. Configure your device to use Unlocator
  3. From then on go to the website of Fubo TV or use their app if supported. Please see supported devices between Fubo TV and Unlocator at the bottom of this page.
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Fubo TV

Fubo TV is an American sports channel that provides almost unparalleled coverage of the world’s biggest sports events. If you live in the USA, you can stream the Spanish La Liga, Champions League, Europa League, and many other major football competitions on Fubo. Unfortunately for sports fans living outside USA, Fubo TV is geo-restricted. That means you cannot watch Fubo TV in Canada, UK, Germany, France, or Mexico unless you spoof your online location.

Unblock Fubo TV outside USA

You can use Unlocator Smart DNS to mask your real location online and access geoblocked streaming channels. This includes Fubo TV, Fox Sports Go, NBC Sports, and ESPN from anywhere in the world. Unlocator basically allows you to hide your location by redirecting the part of your URL that shows where you are. The streaming channel will then be unable to detect that you’re outside the US. As a result, you’ll be able to stream geo-restricted content from various sites around the globe.

Once you have signed up for a free Unlocator trial, use the setup guides listed under this article to configure Unlocator DNS on your Android, Chromecast, OS X, Ubuntu, Vista, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP.

You will then get to access Fubo TV, as well as other popular geo-locked channels regardless of where you might be. It also does so without tampering with your Internet speed. Therefore, you can still stream your favorite sporting events online at full speed.

How to Watch Fubo TV Anywhere in the World

There is no need for additional software during installation to get Unlocator to work. Keep in mind that since your IP address does not change, you can still watch any of the channels that are exclusively available in your region. Just in case you do face any problems, either during installation or while attempting to unblock Fubo TV, you can always get in touch with our support. Simply fill in this form.

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Compatibility Between Unlocator and Fubo TV

Device Setup Guide Supported
Android Setup Android
Chromecast Setup Chromecast
OS X Setup OS X
Ubuntu Setup Ubuntu
Vista Setup Vista
Windows 10 Setup Windows 10
Windows 7 Setup Windows 7
Windows 8 Setup Windows 8
Windows XP Setup Windows XP
For a full list of compatibility between Unlocator, channels and devices please see our Channels & Devices Page