How to Listen to Pandora Outside the US

Content Verification Date: March 14, 2024

The Quick Guide to Unblock Pandora

  1. Create an Unlocator account
  2. Configure your device to use Unlocator Smart DNS or VPN
  3. Go to the website of Pandora or use their app if supported.
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Unblock Pandora

Pandora is a US Internet radio service that allows you to create your own radio stations based on your likes and dislikes. It really is one of the grand old men of music streaming.

The service is available in the US only and Unlocator removes the geographical block and brings the US version of Pandora to users anywhere in the world.

Unblock Pandora Music From Anywhere in the World

In order to listen to Pandora Music from any country, you must first create an Unlocator account, then follow our setup guides. Once you have done so make sure to restart your device before you try to stream Pandora.

So how does Unlocator work? Our Smart DNS will make sure that when Pandora checks your location we will make you appear to be located in the US. We do so by sending the traffic related to Pandoras location checking via our US servers. This will allow you to use the streaming service from anywhere in the world and any given time.

The beauty is that all your other streaming services will continue to work as they normally would. So you can continue to use all the websites etc. that you normally do.

Use VPN to Unblock Pandora

Our Smart DNS is not the only way to unblock Pandora. You can also use one of our VPN apps for Android, iOS, Mac or Windows. Unlike Smart DNS our VPN will encrypt your data traffic and send all of it via the country of your choice. In the case of Pandora you would select one of our US servers and press connect. A couple of seconds later all your traffic is leaving trough our US server and you can now listen to Pandora as if you were located in the US.

So when should you use Smart DNS to unblock Pandora and when should you use VPN? If you are located at home then Smart DNS might be the best choice. However, if you find yourself abroad in a hotel, airport, conference or anywhere else with public WiFi then you want to use VPN. This is because VPN will allow you to not only unblock Pandora but it will also make sure that your privacy is protected.

Public WiFi is notorious for putting your privacy at risk. This is why you want to use VPN at all times as your data connection becomes encrypted.

The Following List of Devices Work With Unlocator Smart DNS and Pandora

For a full list of compatibility between Unlocator Smart DNS, channels and devices please see our Channels & Devices Page