Mitele is an online TV platform managed by Mediaset Spain. Its contents can be viewed on demand or live. Mitele offers Spanish viewers a chance to watch popular Spanish series like B & B, Aida, Anclados, El Comisario, La Que Se Avecina, Los Serrano, and Chiringuito de Pepe for free online. Mitele is geoblocked outside Spain. With Unlocator Smart DNS or VPN you can watch Mitele from anywhere in the world.

Watch Mitele Outside Spain With Smart DNS

If you want to watch Mitele from outside Spain then Smart DNS is a great choice. It’s both easy to set up and it’s made for streaming. The first thing you need to do is subscribe to Unlocator. Once you have done so, please head on over to the setup guides and find the device you want to use. Once configured you need to restart and then you are good to go. Reopen Mitele and stream away.

The Smart DNS is truly smart as it will change your location on a pr. service basis. This means that we will change the location to whatever is needed for a website to work. So you can appear in multiple locations at the same time. Only the part of your traffic used to pinpoint your location is redirected.

Watch Mitele Outside Spain Using VPN

Some of our users prefer to use VPN instead to watch Mitele. The outcome is the same but the approach differs a bit. With VPN all of your network traffic is encrypted and routed through the VPN server of your choice. In this case you would use our Spanish server, which you select in the VPN app. Speaking of apps they are available for Android, iOS, Mac or Windows and you can also configure VPN directly on your router.

Since all traffic will leave trough the VPN server then any website you connect to will see you as coming from Spain. Basically this will allow you to unblock any Spanish website and not just Mitele. If you change the VPN server to another country then you can unblock channels from that country and so forth. So you can basically do virtual traveling with the click of a button when using our VPN apps.

Another very important benefit of the VPN approach is the added security that comes along. Since your data connection becomes encrypted you will no longer be a target for hackers, censorship or tracking.

Harvesting of personal and private information is a continued issue when going online. In particular you are putting yourself at risk by connecting to public WiFi networks like you find in hotels, airports, cafes, restaurants, conferences, schools and the likes. So if you are traveling and want to watch Mitele then it’s a good idea to always connect to VPN. Not only will it allow you to watch your favorite shows but it will make sure that you do so in a secure manner that does not put your privacy at risk.

Both VPN and Smart DNS give you access to Mitele from anywhere. Use the one you prefer.