6Play is one of the biggest and most popular in the country. The channel features French and international content from a long range of local stations like M6, W9, 6ter, Styles, Stories, Comic, Crazy Kitchen and Bruce. However, the French streaming service is geo-blocked outside France. Which leads to making use of Unlocator VPN and Smart DNS in order to unblock and watch 6Play anywhere abroad.

Unblock 6Play Outside France Using Unlocator Smart DNS

Once you try to stream any video on the channel while overseas, you’ll end up receiving one of these geo-error messages:

“NOUS SOMMES DÉSOLÉ CETTE VIDÉO NE PEUT ÊTRE LUE EN DEHORS DU TERRITOIRE FRANÇAIS Si vous êtes en France et que vous recevez ce message, cliquezicicode erreur : 542″

“Pour des raisons de droits, cette vidéo ne peut pas être lue depuis votre zone géographique.”

For the non-french speaking, this means that 6play has detected you are not located in the supported region. With Unlocator Smart DNS you can get rid of this message once and for all. Simply sign up for Unlocator and follow the setup guides for our Smart DNS based on the platform you’re using.

Watch 6Play Abroad With Unlocator VPN

Unlocator VPN works a bit differently than Smart DNS. While the other doesn’t tamper with your IP address, this one does. VPN spoofs your location as it changes your IP to one inside the selected country. Take 6Play for instance, the channel needs a French IP address to be accessible. Therefore, all you have to do is install Unlocator on your Android, iOS, Mac or Windows, connect to a French server, and you’ll have a full unrestrained viewership of 6Play while living abroad.

Another difference is that Unlocator VPN encrypts your online data. This helps in protecting your sensitive information from any possible cyber attack that might occur. Moreover, a VPN hides your real IP address. This emits the possibility for your ISP to monitor all your browsing activities.

6Play offers top hit shows like Papa ou Maman, La Faute, and Le Transporteur. Just subscribe to Unlocator and watch the best of French TV anywhere across the globe.