How to Watch Crackle Outside the US

Steps to Unblock Crackle:
  1. Create a free Unlocator trial
  2. Configure your device to use Unlocator
  3. From then on go to the website of Crackle or use their app if supported. Please see supported devices between Crackle and Unlocator at the bottom of this page.
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Crackle is a free video-on-demand service that offers free streaming of a good handful of movies. The service is ad supported, but that’s not a bad deal for free streaming. Crackle is available in multiple regions including US and 21 other countries. US Crackle is by far the best as it has the most comprehensive library of movies. So, how can you unblock US Crackle in UK, Canada, Australia, France, or abroad? Unlocator allows you to bypass regional restrictions imposed on Crackle. Sign up for a free Unlocator account. See the compatibility list below for the list of devices we support in conjunction with Crackle.

How To Unblock Crackle Outside US Using Unlocator

Whether you can access US Crackle or not depends on your geo-location. Using Unlocator, you can spoof your current location and trick Crackle into thinking you’re actually in the USA. To achieve this, you have to first get a free Unlocator account. Then, configure Unlocator DNS on your Amazon Fire TV, Android, Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Kindle Fire, Nexus Player, OS X, Panasonic, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, PS Vita, Roku, Samsung, Sony, Ubuntu, Vista, Win Phone 8, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Xbox 360, Xbox One. You can find setup guides for each device below. Alternatively, you can setup Unlocator DNS on your router. Thus, you won’t have to configure the network settings individually on each device. These two easy steps enable you to unblock Crackle outside US. Watch movies such as Joe Dirt, Underground, American Pie, Olympus Has Fallen, Insidious, and UltraViolet on Crackle anywhere in the world.

Signing up for a free Unlocator trial does not require a credit card. You can always get in touch with our support team for more info or instructions on how to setup Unlocator on your streaming device.

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Compatibility Between Unlocator and Crackle

Device Setup Guide Supported
Amazon Fire TV Setup Amazon Fire TV
Android Setup Android
Apple TV Setup Apple TV
iPad Setup iPad
iPhone Setup iPhone
iPod Setup iPod
Kindle Fire Setup Kindle Fire
Nexus Player Setup Nexus Player
OS X Setup OS X
Panasonic Setup Panasonic
Playstation 3 Setup Playstation 3
Playstation 4 Setup Playstation 4
PS Vita Setup PS Vita
Roku Setup Roku
Samsung Setup Samsung
Sony Setup Sony
Ubuntu Setup Ubuntu
Vista Setup Vista
Win Phone 8 Setup Win Phone 8
Windows 10 Setup Windows 10
Windows 7 Setup Windows 7
Windows 8 Setup Windows 8
Windows XP Setup Windows XP
Xbox 360 Setup Xbox 360
Xbox One Setup Xbox One
For a full list of compatibility between Unlocator, channels and devices please see our Channels & Devices Page