How to Unblock Minecraft at School or Work

17 Apr 2019 | Blog \ VPN

Many Minecraft enthusiasts often find themselves in a situation where it’s not possible to connect to the Minecraft servers. More often than not they are connected to a network at work or school where access is disabled.

Thankfully it’s not at all complicated to get around this block. Let us show you how.

Use VPN to Unblock Minecraft

A block of Minecraft might come in many shapes or forms:

  • Can’t download Minecraft – sometimes the app stores where you can download Minecraft have been blocked.
  • Can’t access – the main Minecraft website has been blocked.
  • Can’t connect to Minecraft servers – access to the Minecraft servers has been blocked.

Whatever the reason is the remedy is the same. By connecting to Unlocator VPN you can bypass whatever block has been put in the place by your network administrators.

When connected to Unlocator VPN your connection becomes encrypted. This means that your traffic can’t be intercepted and as a result the firewall that is blocking your access can’t see which server you are connecting to.

Simply create a free Unlocator trial and install the VPN app for your preferred device.

Once you have done so you can connect to any server you like. The closer the better as this will give you the best speed possible. Once connected you can fire up Minecraft and lo and behold the block has been bypassed.

You can use this method for any game or website, which is blocked at our current network. The VPN trick will work for any site or app.

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