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09 May 2019 | Blog \ VPN

With the increased focus on online privacy we have found it only natural to expand the Unlocator product line to include VPN. As of today, our users can also enjoy military grade encryption by using our dedicated VPN apps for Android, IOS, Mac and Windows.

The introduction of VPN to the product line up does not remove our dedication and focus to our industry leading Smart DNS platform. In fact we know that providing access to both Smart DNS and VPN in one subscription is great value for our customers. The bundle will allow our users to both unblocking streaming services and protect their privacy online at the same time.

Unlocator Hybrid

In fact Smart DNS is baked into our VPN via Unlocator Hybrid. Simply connect to any VPN server and all the Smart DNS channels are available to stream. You don’t have to pick the VPN server located in the origin country of the streaming service. Connect to a US VPN server and watch UK and US channels at the same time. It’s the best of both worlds.

No VPN Logs

Unlocator has always been a strong advocate of protecting users right to privacy – even before GDPR. As a natural consequence our VPN backend keeps no logs and we operate under strong privacy ethics.

Our no log policy plus automatic encryption and anonymization makes Unlocator VPN the number 1 choice.

In recent years we have seen several cases of harvesting and collection of private data from numerous sources. Using a VPN is one of the first steps necessary to protect your privacy.

Beautiful VPN Apps

Acronyms like VPN does have a tendency to sound more complicated than they are. We want to make VPN approachable for the everyday user and we have strived for creating beautiful yet powerfull native VPN apps for all the major platform.

VPN apps

Beautiful VPN apps for all platforms

Get Started With VPN

Getting started with Unlocator VPN is simply a matter of signing up for a free Unlocator trial. Access to VPN is included in the free trial so you can get started right away. Choose between one of great apps for Android, iOS, Mac or Windows.  Alternatively you can install VPN directly on your router instead.

Why You Should Use VPN

There are several reasons for using VPN. In fact we have written a great article on the subject here Why a VPN is Needed – Top 10 Reasons


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