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Restricted access to a website can be placed in two categories: Geographic restrictions or network restrictions. Let’s take a look at both and how Unlocator VPN can solve the issue.

Geographical Restrictions

Many websites can detect your location via the IP of your device. An IP is a unique number that is automatically assigned to you by your Internet Provider. The IP address is needed for your device to communicate with the websites and services you visit. However, the IP address will give away the country in which you are located.

This in turn makes it easy for the website to restrict access if you are located in a country that is not serviced by the website. One such example could be ITV, which is restricted to streaming within the UK.

How to Bypass Geographical Restrictions Using Unlocator VPN

The remedy is quite simple. Create an Unlocator account and install the VPN app on your device. Then select a new location from the list in the app and connect. In a couple of seconds your real IP address will be hidden and any website you visit will now see an IP from the new location. In the case of ITV you would choose a UK location.

If your device does not support VPN you can use our Smart DNS solution instead, which works on devices that don’t support VPN.

Network Restrictions

A website may also be blocked by the network you are connected to. Typically that could be a work or school network or in other cases the block is happening on a national level as part of government censorship.

In order to get around this block you need to connect to VPN once again. This time it’s not really important which country you connect to. The reason you want to use VPN is that your data connection becomes encrypted. As a result the network operator can no longer block access to the website you want to use.

This is why VPN is pivotal to anyone interested in free and unrestricted Internet access.

Unlocator is a VPN/DNS service not intended to be used as a means of copyright circumvention. Please read the Unlocator Terms of Service